Community Employment

Chris cleans windows at his place of employment
Chris cleans windows at his place of employment

PCADD’s Community Employment Services (CES) program provides both Vocational Rehabilitation and Medicaid waiver employment services in community based settings. CES Vocational Rehabilitation services include Job Discovery, Job Exploration, Job Development, Job Coaching, and Follow Along.  CES Medicaid waiver services include Career Planning, Supported Employment, Job Development, and Prevocational Services. Persons employed in the CES program all make minimum wage or above, and an emphasis is placed on good job matches that will endure over time.

The employment services provided through PCADD’s Community Employment Services program all involve assessing an individual’s vocational and career goals, and providing vocational training as-needed with the goal of obtaining competitive work in an integrated work setting of the individual’s choice. The specific services, including the amount and frequency of services, to be provided to each individual are outlined in the person’s Individualized Support Plan (ISP) or Vocational Rehabilitation plan.

Days, times, and hours of services are designed to meet the needs of persons served and of employers. Services are generally provided at the individual’s place of employment, and may also occasionally be provided at PCADD’s offices.

Referral sources include the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation, Case Management entities, other state agencies, schools, parents, and persons served.

Fees are set by and paid for by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Mental Health and/or the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Admission to any PCADD program, service or staff position will not be denied due to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, sexual orientation, military status or disability.


Tim delivers newspapers for The People’s Tribune

  • Tim delivers newspapers for The People’s Tribune