Outcome Measurement Report

Certificate of Recognition

PCADD’s annual outcome measurement reports are part of an ongoing process to determine the quality of the services we provide, and where to focus our efforts for improvement.

Each PCADD program has established specific and measurable performance indicators in areas of effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, and service access driven by industry standards as well as internal performance improvement goals designed to enhance the quality of services provided to persons served with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition, PCADD tracks certain business function performance indictors that are organization-wide in scope, with a focus on enhancing business performance as an organization.

These service delivery and business function performance indicators provide a yardstick in which to measure how well we are implementing the mission of our organization in “helping Pike County persons with developmental disabilities succeed”.

We would like to thank persons served, families, guardians, referral sources, payors, and other stakeholders who provide the input we need to make service delivery improvements.

Download 2022 Outcome Report: Mission Impact Report-2022

Download 2021 Outcome Report: Mission Impact Report-2021

Download 2020 Outcome Report: Outcome Measurement Report-2020

Download 2019 Outcome Report: Outcome Measurement Report-2019

Download 2018 Outcome Report: Outcomes Measurement Report-2018